Collaborations = good relationships and exciting projects! I've dedicated this page to the sweet people with whom I have created something amazing and I would like to share this with you. Explore the site and learn about these creative souls - remember to visit their profile and the links I have posted

Designer hive ( @ designerhive.cph )

I have been fortunate to be allowed to partner with Designer Hive to create a pop-up store with 9 other creative designers! We hold the event at Teglgårdstræde 7A-7B on 5-9 August 2020 from kl. 10-18 and I think you should come and visit us! It is a chance to experience unique finds that are created through craftsmanship and creativity.

Attend the event here

Read more on Designer Hive's website here

RIKKE TØTTRUP ( @ Tøtteren )

Tøtteren draws whimsical posters within professions, educations and interests. Together we have created three characters that represent slow fashion, but which at the same time is something both you and I can relate to! We have called our series 'Slow Fashion Series' as all three characters represent the slow fashion principles as sustainable and long lasting fashion. Another thing the three have in common is that they all have my designs on which I personally love so much!


Explore Tøtteren's posters here  

Read more about who Tøtteren is and about our collaboration here  

HOSANNAH JØNSSON ( @fashthrifts )

For a long time, I've followed Hosannah's Instagram profile where she goes hunting in thrift stores and always finds the most beautiful outfits that she shares on her profile. I was always inspired by what she shared - I also found out that she also takes pictures! We had a dialogue for a long time about creating something together and in June it became a reality. Hosannah is very sweet and accommodating and she was good at communicating with my models who quickly felt comfortable in front of the camera. The result was some wonderful pictures that exceeded all expectations - I'm still so happy!

Read about Hosannah's experiences on her blog here

See the pictures and the clothes we took pictures of here

Finders keepers ( @finderskeepers )

Finders Keepers is another form of collaboration as they have given me a platform to exhibit my clothes in a different way than I can through my website. It has been the place I have been able to get a feel for which designs were popular and hear your opinions on them. It has also given you the opportunity to meet me and see / try on my clothes in real life. I have been a part of Finders Keepers twice (November 2019 and March 2020) and I will continue to participate in as many markets as I can.

Visit the Finders Keeper website here

katelyn elizabeth (@katesmovingmountains

This part will be in English, since Kate is from USA and I want her to understand what I'm writing. Kate contacted me in August 2019 ​about a new feature on her blog called 'Artists moving mountains' and I was so pleased that she asked me to feature on her blog! This was the beginning of it all and I would never think anyone would want to read (or even write!) about me. Kate made it possible for me to reflect on my dreams through the interview and gave me something I could direct people to, to learn more about me. I'm still amazed at how professionally it was written, she is so talented! 

Kate's blog focuses on mental health, lifestyle and motivation. She writes blogpost to highlight her own stories, but also others.

Check out Kate's blogpost about me here 

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